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We know family business because we come from family business.

All businesses are complex, but there is an added level of complication when it comes to a family business, and we get it. Each member of Quad Group has worked extensively within a family business, raised a family in the business, worked alongside parents, siblings and other family members, and dealt with the very same challenges your family business is struggling with. Lack of a clear structure and leadership, the need to clarify roles and responsibilities, and unresolved issues within family relationships, can cause chaos and stress within a family business. At Quad Group, we offer a multi-disciplinary approach to client-specific needs, focused on solutions and getting results.

Our approach is comprehensive.

Quad Group offers professional expertise across diverse disciplines because each of our team members has served in various roles within a family business. We also have team members who have worked as non-family leaders in family businesses. Additionally, we have each served in leadership roles in other companies throughout our careers. We represent owners, senior managers, and staff who have worked in the trenches, across all essential business functions – strategy, sales and marketing, operations, HR and finance. This boils down to a tremendous set of expertise, skills and insights ready to help your family business evolve and grow.



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