About Us

Because we have walked in our clients’ shoes, we understand the impact that family dynamics has on a business. It can be challenging, it can be wonderful, and ultimately, the family must work cohesively in order to thrive and move forward effectively. We know family businesses are resilient, and we want to help yours develop a shared vision, improve organizational effectiveness, and prepare for the next generation.

More than just business consultants.

Quad Group is a team of dynamic professionals, each bringing a unique set of experience, knowledge and insight to our clients. We are passionate about family business and understand the unique challenges family businesses face each day, better than most consultants. Unlike traditional business consultants who specialize in specific areas of business development, we’re experts, collectively, in all aspects of business management. Beyond our hands-on experience working in our own family businesses, our professionals have the academic credentials including MBA’s, financial planning, human resource development, and marketing. This rare combination of formal training and hands-on experience make Quad Group the right choice for guiding your family business to the next level.

Our Process

Our process with clients is always custom-tailored to work with the business’ unique set of needs, family dynamics and challenges, and future goals.

When a client contacts us seeking our help, we have what we call a “chemistry meeting”. This opportunity for both sides to determine if we are a good fit to work together, typically includes as many family members working in the business as possible. Sometimes key senior leaders are included as well, depending on the type of assistance needed. The chemistry meeting is done at no-charge.

If we all agree there’s a good fit and that we can offer value to the business with our services, then we prepare a written proposal tailored to the specific client needs. Our proposals detail the types of services we will provide, a proposed timeline, expected outcomes, and the associated costs.

Although we do believe “four brains are better than one”, we don’t all work on all client projects, at least not typically all at the same time. Often, we brainstorm solutions together, and seek each other’s input internally, but each client has one assigned member of the Quad Group as their point person, the Client Manager. The Client Manager is usually the member of Quad who will be completing the majority of the work based on the client’s particular issues and results desired.

As our project with a client unfolds, the Client Manager continues to facilitate the communication and implementation of services. We never want a client to feel they have been “handed off” to another member of our team. It is very important to us that every client experiences progress with cohesive guidance throughout the project. While all clients benefit from our combined expertise and collective experiences, we are very conscious to provide a set of services with no confusion over who is doing what.

We would love to help your family business perform better, communicate more effectively, and ready your legacy for the future! Please contact us to discuss how we might work together.